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When you donate to the FMDA Scholarship Fund, you make a contribution to the kind of future you hope this generation of students will create.  Why else would you donate?  We honor and salute all our donors.

As Marines, we pledge to defend America with our lives.  As Marines, we are part of bringing the right kind of future to our country.  Our Scholarship Fund is a contribution to that future.  We invite you to join with us.

What you donate to the future of America via FMDA Scholarship Fund is tax deductible.  We are regulated and function as a 501(c)(3) entity that is further defined as a Veteran's Organization 501 (c)(19).

If you prefer to donate to our Scholarship Fund by check, send your check to:

FMDA Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Attn: Jerry Reed, CFO

21307 Cypress Rosehill Road

Tomball, TX 77377-5928

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