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The Scholarship Fund, Inc., of the First Mar Div Association strives to carry out the timeless Marine Creed of Always Faithful.  As Marines, we never fail to share and honor the obligations of this hallowed bond.

We exist to help the dependents of First Marine Division Marines (and those of support and attached units) who are deceased or MIA or 100% disabled.  Our only purpose is to help defray the expense of college.


FMDA has been awarding scholarships since 1953.  More than $2.3 million has been given to many hundreds of recipients to help lighten the burden of the expense of education after high school.

Each award is $2,500.  The amount of each scholarship has been increased from time to time to reflect the ever-rising costs of college vs. the dollars available from contributions to the Fund.

Although the Scholarship Fund began life within the structure of First Mar Div Association, we became our own "arm's length" operation in 2007 with our own Board of Directors and FMDASF Bylaws.

Want to make a contribution to FMDA's Scholarship Fund?  Click (or tap) the link above.  The more dollars we raise, the more scholarships we are able to award.  Beyond a mission, our work is a calling.




Officers/Directors with Signing Authority:

Chairman of the Board

Maj. Gen. James J. McMonagle USMC (ret)

Vista, California

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Col. Len Hayes USMC (ret)

Oceanside, California

Chief Financial Officer

Jerry P. Reed

Tomball, Texas

Officers/Directors without Signing Authority:

Chairman Emeritus (in memorium)

LtCol John R. Stevens II USMC (ret)

San Francisco, California


Pierre A. Sims

Claymont, Delaware


George A. Sager, Jr.

Healdsburg, California

Member of the Board

William Godfrey

Las Lunas, New Mexico

Member of the Board

Charlie Kershaw

Carlsbad, California

What you donate is tax-deductible under IRC 501(c)(3) rules and regulations.  The cost to administer the Fund is (by regulation) 20% or less.  Our actual costs of operation are well below that 20% limit.

To view the Fund's legal documents, click (or tap) any of the links below.  We invite you to come aboard in helping the dependents of our Marine brothers and sisters.  Always Faithful.  Always.

FMDA Scholarship Fund Bylaws

Amendments to Bylaws (04-08-2016

IRS Exemption from Tax Letter

Scholarship Fund Incorporation Docs

Fund Assets / 31 March 2023

California Tax Returns 2013 - 2017

California Tax Returns 2018

California Tax Returns 2019

California Tax Returns 2020

California Tax Returns 2021

California Tax Returns 2022

California Tax Returns 2023

Federal Tax Returns 2008 - 2017

Federal Tax Returns 2018

Federal Tax Returns 2019

Federal Tax Returns 2020

Federal Tax Returns 2021

Federal Tax Returns 2022

Federal Tax Returns 2023

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